About Avaná Beauty


We are committed to create our own new custom brand of beauty accessories that will leave your imagination with a feeling of high ambiance and extravagance.


We are pleased to state that every one of our items are free from animal testing. How awesome is that for customer satisfaction?


Avaná Beauty is an online shop for hair and skincare, beauty accessories, and premium mink eyelash extensions. These are a must-have luxury for everyone!

Your style is Unique and Beautiful!

We want you to feel good shopping at our online store: Avaná Beauty.

Our website was created for beauty enthusiasts who love fine and exquisite beautiful things. We know quality means everything! 

Delores created a beauty brand that started from her own desire to step into a world where there is a need for artistic passion and to create an expression of ones’ beauty.

As a new and emerging start-up company, we hope that we can share our dream with all the beautiful faces everywhere!  Avaná Beauty plans to take one step at a time, and enjoy all the love and support that we receive from our fans, customers, and followers. 

We want to give a warm embrace to every single beauty blogger, professional make-up artist, and celebrity who has and will make an investment in our fabulous beauty and make-up care products.

Avaná Beauty extends a big great big hug and a warm thank you to you all!

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