Avana Beauty™ Makeup Sponge Flawless Set (3 Pieces)


  • Impeccable blending around the eyes and nose
  • Smear-free finish
  • Latex Free
  • One Soft Premium Beauty Sponge

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Avana Beauty™ Makeup Sponge Flawless Powder Puff Cosmetics Foundation Blender, Liquid, Concealer, Dry or Wet Use Latex Free (3 Pieces)

Meet your blending BFF! In a chic nude hue, and embossed with the Ultra-Glamorous Avana Beauty™ beautiful logo. Our soft squishy pink beauty latex-free sponge has all the right curves for impeccable blending around the eyes and nose.

  • Pair our Ultra Glam Beauty Blender with your favorite liquid and cream concealer, foundation, blush, and contour makeup for a truly airbrushed, smear-free finish.
  • 360° Premium Beauty Sponge (2 pcs), soft vegan water drop makeup sponge made of non-latex material.
  • Delicately apply a small amount of product onto the contour areas of your face like around the lips, eyes, nose, or forehead


For best results, dampen your Ultra Glam Beauty Blender before use. Hold under running water for a few seconds before squeezing thoroughly to remove excess water. Tap and bounce your Ultra Glam Beauty Blender across your skin to seamlessly blend out the cream and liquid products.


To keep your makeup sponge in perfect condition, clean it regularly with gentle soap and warm water, squeeze thoroughly and allow to dry on a clean towel.

Material: Hydrophilic Polyurethane Sponge
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