Where do Mink Lashes Come From

Eyelash manufactueres of silk lashes or mink lashes use a dry or steam heat process in order to make the artifical lashes to curl. Synthetic mink lashes are very popular because the lash can maintain a more dramatic curl.  Synthetic Mink lashes may also have a matte finish on the fibers.

Where Do Mink Lashes Come From Avaná Beauty - Avaná Lashes

Lashes can also be made from other hair types, and you can actually tell what type of quality the between fake lashes and real lashes by the smoothness of texture of the lash hairs and the thickness of the lashes.

Highest goods Mink hair lashes has a matte finish and silk fibers are more shiny.  While it can be difficult to determine the best fake lashes from the real mink lashes. 

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The synthic fibers from artificial lashes or for a better word, PBT Lashes aka  polybutylene terephthalate lashes if exposed to heat or flame will smell like burning hair or plastic. The smell of of sythentic hair may be extremeley unpleasant under extreme heat onditions.

Now what is PBT lashes. PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) is a synthetic semi-crystalline thermoplastic. There are different grades and texture of lashes.  PBT creates naturally beautiful loking artificial lashes with a gorgeous soft and glossy shimmer that doesn’t lose its shape or curl.

Real mink lashes, in which we personally do not sell here on our website are considered naturally ultra soft, very light, an feathery lash fibers, but the curl doesn’t last as long.

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